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Creative Publishing Services has been a respected publisher of travel guides for over 30 years, first as book publishers, and in the past 10 years as website publishers.

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New York City is rich in tradition and history. It would be a shame to visit the US and not take some time to enjoy some of the historical sites that New York offers. But there is more to this huge country than the Big Apple and we provide guides to California, Florida, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, Seattle and more.


Many Asian cities are at the cutting edge of the world economy and none more so than many Chinese cities that are part of a country with a long history and rich traditions and cultures. Vietnam, Bali and Thailand are excellent vacation destinations while Singapore is a major hub for Asian commerce and the perfect introduction to Asian cultures.


Sydney’s striking harbour, with twin icons the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, defines this vibrant, multicultural city and its culture of the outdoors. The southern city of Melbourne, home to the regional headquarters of many international corporations, has a dynamic cultural buz to it. In far north Queensland, you can savor the natural rainforests and coral reefs.


Tourists flock to European countries each year to enjoy art galleries and museums, learn about the many historic landmarks, and view the beautiful natural scenery. From luxury villas in Italy and Algarve golf holidays to trendy Costa del Sol villas, Europe is a top destination.


Apart from Auckland which can be quite a busy city both with traffic and crowded attractions, you will find that New Zealand is relatively quiet destination with wonderful scenery and friendly people. If you choose to hire a car, the quiet roads will probably be appealing as it can be rather daunting driving in an unfamiliar country on very busy roads.


Mexico, Fiji, Vanuatu and Keflavik are some of the other destinations that offer varied great travel experiences. Mexico City, often referred to as the City of Palaces, is a modern, cosmopolitan city surrounded by mountains. In Montreal you get a unique conjunction of north American and French cultures.


Cruises are the most ideal vacation activity because nothing can be more indulgent than drinking a glass of wine on the deck of an ocean liner while watching the sun set below the horizon. On Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises all your food and accommodation costs are part of your package deal. As well, you get set ashore to visit towns and cities that offer great sights and shopping experiences.


Deal direct with the best cheap hostels in the world to get a top deal. Choose the places that interest you and compare the features and prices. Book your accommodation directly with the properties for the best rates available is cities as diverse as New York, London, Sydney, Auckland, Bangkok, Yogyakarta, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Melbourne.


WinterLettings.comgives you information about warm winter destinations and properties located in the top winter sun locations in Europe and America. Find a property and relax in affordable and spacious accommodation. At Easy Villa Rentals we also offer some villas to rent from a small selection of high quality independent villa rental companies.


While travel certainly broadens the mind it also lightens the pocket and it makes sense to research and plan as much of your holiday as possible so you know what you can afford and so you can find out says to travel well within your budget. Here are some tips on getting the most for your travel dollar.


Book air tickets in advance. If you have finalized your tour program, book air tickets in advance as many airlines offer a discount for tickets booked in advance. was established to help travelers and active vacationers find their next thrilling destination. Many people are embracing the excitement that comes with an adventurous vacation.