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While travel certainly broadens the mind it also lightens the pocket and it makes sense to research and plan as much of your holiday as possible so you know what you can afford and so you can find out says to travel well within your budget. Here are some tips on getting the most for your travel dollar without skimping and having to rush from place to place so that you miss the delights of traveling at a relaxing pace. There are more tips here.

Save on accommodation
Do you really need to blow a large part of your vacation budget on accommodation? Hostels are a great alternative and you’ll find that nowadays this does not mean bunking in with backpackers, since most hostels offer en-suite rooms that are a fraction of the cost of high-end hotels. And many B&Bs have good rates that include a hearty breakfast. Remember, the less you spend on accommodation, the more you have to spend on other things. Obviously, the internet is the place to get the information from, particularly from travel blogs, where people are only too happy to mention the highlights and lowlights of their trips.

Group tours
Group tours are not just for the young and the elderly. You get to meet a range of people and save with combined transportation costs between attractions, particularly useful if time is short for you.

Use public transport
As well as making you learn the geographical details about your surroundings, you get your bearings of a place by making use of public transport. You also get to mingle with the locals and save money at the same time.

Use travel guides
Printed travel guides are often good value and aps to cities for smartphones and ipads are a clever way to get the latest information without lugging around a pile of books. Both include details of free or cheap attractions, inexpensive accommodation and where to dine on a budget.

Seek out free attractions
many top attractions are free. Options such as exploring botanical gardens, markets and landmarks can be a relaxing way to spend time not money.

With hotel bookings, it is important to understand that room prices vary with the season and the demand. A hotel assigns four, five and even ten different rates to each type of room so be prepared to ask for lower rates and compare prices. The cost of flights are similarly variable. Be sure to get online to look for last-minute rates.

Prevent travel sickness
Prevention is better than cure, so, if you are prone to travel sickness, note the following tips:

Avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks.
Do not overeat.
Take in as much fresh air as possible.
Relax, since your state of mind can help to prevent travel sickness.
Preventative medications can help.

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